Zero-Net Energy Buildings Are Game Changers in Green Engineering

Choosing green energy over the mainstream hydroelectric energy can surely save you some green in the pocket in the long run. The construction of buildings requires huge amounts of energy and other resources such as clean water to run efficiently and effectively. A good 40% of energy is used by buildings in the US. In the same context, greenhouse gas emissions are also at a 40% high. If the same scenario persists, the highest amount of energy consumption will be by buildings in a decade.

To deter the construction and building industry from taking over energy consumption, it has become crucial to erect zero-net-energy (ZNE) buildings. The ZNE buildings can be the answer to today’s energy-focused challenges to reduce energy consumption and derive energy from green or renewable sources. The use of ZNE technology buildings not only reduces cost and creates renewable energy, but it can give a boost to the economy. The implementation and execution will require a workforce, which means the technology can result in increased employment. — Full Story at DesignNews

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