Green Tomato Cars Wants to Be the Eco-Friendly Alternative to Uber

Uber and Lyft’s Virginia troubles are unlikely to resolve any time soon, and they have a new competitor in the area looking to scoop up some of their marketshare, in an eco-friendly kind of way, while they wrestle with it. The soft launch of London-based Green Tomato Cars last month marks the U.S. debut of the app-enabled car service, which uses a fleet of hybrid Toyota Prius’ and electric Tesla cars to help people get around. Although the controversy in Virginia is a coincidence, Green Tomato, named after the movie Friend Green Tomatoes, sees it as an opportunity to lure away customers to its service.

“Wherever you ride with us, it’s legal,” said Richard Moskowitz, sales and marketing director for Green Tomato in the area. “Our goal is to have more cars than anybody else out there. We have 25 cars now and will have 75 by the end of the year.” — Full Story at In The Capital.

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