The Future According to Mr. Clean Energy

Jigar Shah likes math. It inspires him. After all, crunching numbers allowed him to convince wary investors of the money-making potential of solar energy, allowing him to ignite an industry that was crippled by roadblocks.

At that time, 10 years ago, he says, profit-hungry investors simply did not understand the extraordinary economic returns of green energy. But Shah knew there was a different way forward. He is widely credited in green circles as breaking through the obstacles that blocked traditional financing of solar technology, unleashing an avalanche of activity in that sector. Later, as CEO of Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, he planted the seeds for success of other green technologies.

And now he has now graduated to running his own green fund, Clean Feet Investors, which seeks to provide significant returns from socially responsible investments in small to medium-sized renewable energy projects.

With Shah’s newly released book, titled “Creating Climate Wealth: Unlocking the Impact Economy,” he aims for no less than launching a new revolution and bringing the whole world along with him. His goal is to show that humans can fend off climate change with green technology and green jobs. — Full Story at IPS News

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