Fixing the Broken Compass: Finding Our Way to Natural Capitalism

In 1999, Rocky Mountain Institute co-founder and chief scientist Amory Lovins co-authored a piece for the Harvard Business Review entitled “A Road Map for Natural Capitalism.” It aimed to come up with a new economic model that took the needs of sustainability into account. This article laid out the business logic for solving environmental problems while also generating a profit for the companies involved – true win-wins, in other words.

“The real problem with our [current] economic compass is that it points in exactly the wrong direction,” he wrote. “Most businesses are acting as though people are still scarce and nature abundant… But the pattern of scarcity is shifting; now, people aren’t scarce, but nature is.”

If we are to solve perhaps the greatest challenge that global capitalism has created – climate change – it is essential that we reconcile our prevailing economic model to place more emphasis on the importance of natural capitalism. Here’s how: — Full Story at TriplePundit

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