Passive Solar Design Ideal for Coronado Climate (San Diego County)

Thinking of renovating your house, or are you interested in a total knock down and rebuild? Have you thought about passive solar design?

Those not yet au fait with passive solar design may automatically think of solar panels on residential roof tops or Earthship monstrosities made from mud and recycled tires, located in the American desert and lived in by Mother Earth worshipping hippies. This is not the case (not that there is anything wrong with solar panels, Earthships, or Mother Earth worshipping hippies for that matter). The reality is, you may have walked passed a passive solar house today and not even realized. Coronado is home to one such house. A 1950s bungalow designed and renovated in 2011 by Jimmy Sullivan, Principal Designer of CitiZen Design Studio, San Diego.

Jimmy Sullivan earned his degree in architecture at the prestigious Newschool of Architecture + Design, San Diego, in 2002. Jimmy then relocated to San Francisco and over the years worked on numerous residential and commercial projects. In 2007 Jimmy returned to San Diego to form CitiZen Design Studio, with the intention to focus on designing transitional housing for survivors of domestic abuse. Since then Jimmy has expanded his focus into many areas, including sustainable “green” design, which includes passive solar. — Full Story at eCoronado

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