Going Green Means Making Green for One Fort Mill Company

Old water bottle may be sitting on a palette off Pleasant Road, or an Australia-bound shipping lane for cotton ginning season.

Or, it’s bundling newspapers together or measuring out brick or wood. At least what’s left of it.

Samuel Strapping Systems opened a Fort Mill plant in 1996. The maker of polyester strapping now has about 90 employees. Samuel Strapping takes water, soda or other bottles in pellet or flake form and turns them into bundling material.

“It’s doing something that’s uniting,” plastics operations manager Rick Dean said of the company’s four main products and 300 or so applications of it. “It’s holding something together.”

The Fort Mill plant makes strapping for bottles and cans, brick or lumber. About a fifth of the 50 million pounds of material it brings in a year comes out as binding for cotton – 27,000 coils to Australia and 30,000 to Texas, Louisiana and other domestic sites annually.

To the company, going green isn’t just philosophical. It’s the only way to stay in business. — Full Story at Rock Hill Herald Online

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