Has the Era of Greenwashing in Resource Sustainability Passed?

I should have bought a Hummer when I had the chance. I could drive it without feeling any guilt.

Know why? Because I hardly ever drive. I work from home most of the time. And even if I have to go into the office I usually ride my bike to get there. I could be driving my Hummer with a sign in the window saying, “I bet I pollute less than you.”

Am I sounding like a smug, self-satisfied jerk yet? Thought so.

The End of Score Keeping?
Well, at least the era when companies spend more of their time talking about sustainability (aka greenwashing) than acting seems to be waning, right?

At least that’s what the experts that my colleague Polly Traylor has been interviewing for a project we’re developing on the future of sustainability in companies’ resource usage seem to think. — Full Story at Forbes

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