Impact Investing: It’s Time

Imagine a future with an abundance of quality jobs, affordable homes in environmentally sustainable and thriving neighborhoods and continuous innovation in the delivery of basic services that saves taxpayers billions of dollars, all supporting Benjamin Franklin’s maxim that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

This is the country that people envision when they think of the American Dream — and the same, shared vision that led President Obama to call the issues of growing inequality and economic immobility “the defining challenge of our time,” arguing that government should — as it has in the past — play a supportive role in alleviating the nation’s social crises.

But in a time of reduced public resources, how will we get there?

Through smart public-private partnerships that leverage impact investing, the practice of investing for intentional, measurable positive social and environmental outcomes in addition to financial returns.– Full Story at Huffington Post

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