Toyota’s new FCV fuel cell sedan concept hints it may skip EVs

Toyota has the most green cars in the world. However, it has no EV of its own. Does its new concept car mean it might just skip over EVs?

Toyota has just announced that it will show its concept car at the Consumer Electronics show in 2 weeks. This will be the car’s first US showing. Not only that, it is also bringing its test mule that has logged many miles of durability testing. Companies don’t build test mules unless they are serious. Clearly Toyota is serious about introducing a fuel cell car. Does this mean it is going to skip over the “pure” electric vehicle?

Before you hurt your fingers typing a heated reply that Toyota “sells” an electric RAV 4, we know. It is a last generation platform and body with a Tesla supplied drivetrain. We think that’s great. Tesla and Toyota are this writer’s two favorite car companies. However, Toyota won’t say how many they have supplied and we’ve never seen one on the road. Ever. Toyota also does not need to make any apologies for not having an EV. The Prius alone has saved more gas than all the world’s EVs combined and that gap isn’t getting smaller, it is getting wider. — Full Story at Torquenews

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