8 Deaths Linked to Garbage Plants

Wuhan has been exposed to hundreds of tons of carcinogenic chemicals 900 times as toxic as arsenic each year since five garbage incineration power plants were built illegally in the central Chinese city.

In a community just dozens of meters from one plant, eight of its 1,500 residents have died since the beginning of the year, China Central Television reported last night. All the deaths were linked to cancer. The plant in Wuhan’s Hanyang District was 3 kilometers from a commercial hub and just 1.5 kilometers from the Hanjiang River, a main tributary of the Yangtze.

Work began on the Guodingshan plant in late 2006 and it began operating at the end of last year despite tens of thousands of people living nearby.

China’s environmental protection law prohibits garbage incineration plants from being less than 350 meters from residences, but some apartment buildings were just dozens of meters away from the Guodingshan plant. — Full Story at Eco-Business

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