OneRoof Energy Brings Hundreds of Green Solar Jobs to San Diego

OneRoof Energy put the final touches on the rooftop solar panels at the Berghage home, their first completed residential solar rooftop project in San Diego. Photo OneRoof Energy.

CleanTECH San Diego and Mayor Jerry Sanders joined OneRoof Energy at a newly solarized home to announce the creation of 100-plus new green jobs.

OneRoof Energy is the first U.S. residential solar company to work directly with roofers to sell and install its systems. The nation’s demand for solar, rising sales and OneRoof Energy’s SolarSelect® Lease program, has led to the company’s extraordinary growth and local hiring opportunities. OneRoof Energy is looking to fill positions in sales, customer service, operations and other key departments this year.

Last year, OneRoof Energy received $50 million in financing to create the SolarSelect® Lease program. The simple lease program allows homeowners the ability to integrate solar into their roof with little to no upfront payment. Customers make a monthly lease payment for the system, which when combined with their new, lower electric bill, is lower than their existing bill without solar.

CleanTECH San Diego and Mayor Jerry Sanders praised OneRoof Energy’s contribution to San Diego’s position as a world leader in the clean technology industry and a leading green job provider.

OneRoof Energy CEO David Field (left) and Mayor Jerry Sanders (right) spoke about the hundreds of green jobs that OneRoof is hiring for as they stand in front of the Berghage family home, the first solar roof that the company leased and installed in San Diego. Photo OneRoof Energy.

“Not only does San Diego have the highest use of residential solar of any U.S. city, the region is also quickly becoming a North American hub for innovations in renewable energy,” said San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. “With programs like SolarSelect, we’ll continue to build our position as America’s top solar city.”

The Berghage family of Rancho Penasquitos was one of the first to take advantage of the lease program. Today’s press conference highlighted their new aesthetically pleasing solarized roof provided by OneRoof Energy. “When we learned how easy and simple it was to put solar on our roof with OneRoof Energy’s lease program, it was a no-brainer,” said Tom Berghage. “We will save thousands of dollars over the life of the lease and avoid annual electricity rate increases.”

The Berghage family home in San Diego with OneRoof rooftop solar panels. Options are traditional solar panels or seamlessly integrate solar into the roof, and also color match tile roofs. Photo OneRoof Energy.

“Installing a solar system when a homeowner is replacing their roof is the most cost-effective and efficient way to install solar, as exemplified by the Berghage home,” said OneRoof Energy CEO David Field. “Our dual warrantee covers both the roof and the production of the solar electric system, and the end result integrates nicely into the home design.  This has been a huge factor in the rising product demand and growth of the company.”

CleanTECH San Diego applauded OneRoof Energy’s local influence as an innovative green technology company. The organization, created in partnership with Mayor Sanders, aims to stimulate innovation and advance the adoption of clean technologies in San Diego. OneRoof Energy CEO David Field has been involved with CleanTECH San Diego since its inception.

“OneRoof Energy offers a creative business model that will further accelerate the adoption of rooftop solar and stimulate job growth in our market,” said CleanTECH San Diego Executive Vice President Holly Smithson. “What’s exciting here is that OneRoof Energy’s offerings will now bring the pride of solar power generation to anyone with a roof over their head.”

To learn more about OneRoof Energy’s simple, affordable solar and energy management systems, or for employment information visit For more information about CleanTECH San Diego, visit

About OneRoof Energy
OneRoof Energy’s mission is to provide simple, affordable solar solutions that people can trust. OneRoof Energy offers homeowners integrated, aesthetically pleasing solar solutions coupled with the peace of mind that comes with industry-leading warranties. Through OneRoof Energy’s SolarSelect Lease, homeowners can lease solar energy generation systems for as little as zero down. Strategic investors in the company include Hanwha International and Black Coral Capital.

About CleanTECH San Diego
CleanTECH San Diego is a private, non-profit member organization formed in 2007. As one of the nation’s premier cleantech cluster organizations, its mission is to position the region as a global leader in the cleantech economy. CleanTECH San Diego serves as a catalyst for a diverse group of stakeholders to advance a common agenda.


OneRoof Energy Overview

OneRoof Energy is a San Diego-based company that develops, owns, and operates rooftop solar energy systems for residential homeowners.

OneRoof Energy believes the most efficient and cost-effective time to install a solar system is either when the roof is built for the first time or when it is rebuilt.

Unlike any other residential solar company in the U.S., OneRoof Energy works directly with builders and roofing contractors to combine roofing and solar installation into one seamless process. Homeowners can install solar easily and affordably with little to no upfront costs or ongoing maintenance expenses.

The company, launched in September 2011, received $50 million in financing to create the SolarSelect® Lease program. The simple lease program allows homeowners the ability to integrate solar into their roof with little to no upfront payment or high maintenance costs. Customers simply make a monthly lease payment for the system. Combined with their new, lower electric bill, the cost is typically lower than their existing bill without solar.

Utilizing several best-in-class solar technologies, homeowners not only have a cost-effective solar solution but they also can have the most aesthetically pleasing solar systems in the industry.


SolarSelect® Lease Overview

OneRoof Energy’s SolarSelect® Lease allows customers access to solar rooftop power systems with little to nothing paid down. The lease immediately reduces monthly electric bills.  Homeowners can also save thousands of dollars over the life of the lease as they avoid the typical annual electricity rate increases from their local utility.

Utility companies normally increase fees with each additional kilowatt of energy consumed. By replacing some of the home’s energy with solar energy, homeowners can reduce the amount of kilowatts bought from utility companies and pay lower monthly fees.

OneRoof Energy’s SolarSelect Lease gives homeowners flexible payment options to fit their budget. The lease eliminates large upfront and ongoing maintenance costs. Customers can choose to make a large down payment to reduce their monthly lease fee, or put little to nothing down with increased monthly payments, similar to a car lease. When combined, the monthly lease payment and the new electrical bill costs are typically lower than the electricity rates homeowners pay without solar energy.

Cost Savings

With utility rates continually on the rise, installing a solar energy system is a smart investment for homeowners. The following diagram illustrates how the SolarSelect Lease saves homeowners money each month by replacing some of the electricity bought from the utility company.

The chart below shows how the savings adds up over time with the SolarSelect Lease compared to relying totally on the utility company for power needs.

A home with solar power is more desirable and more valuable. A study by the Appraisal Institute calculated that home value increases approximately twenty dollars for every dollar reduction in annual electric bills. For instance, if a homeowner saves $300 off their annual utility bill, they could see a $6,000 increase in resale value.

The purpose of the SolarSelect Lease is to help homeowners create clean energy, spend less on their electric bills and put a little extra money in their pockets each month. Over time, those monthly savings can add up to thousands of dollars.

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