Nokia 2010 Sustainability Report

Espoo, Finland – Nokia has published its 2010 Sustainability Report, which contains information, facts, figures and examples of Nokia’s corporate responsibility and environmental activities in managing its operations and developing mobile solutions.

Interview with Stephen Elop President and CEO of Nokia (excerpt from report)

Q — What have been the biggest challenges or where has Nokia fallen short of your expectations and targets in sustainability related matters?
A — We continue to face challenges around identifying available green energy. this is causing us to progress more slowly than we would like in sourcing electricity from renewable sources. Second, even though we are one of the leading companies in ethical sourcing, and we are actively involved in joint industry initiatives contributing to the work of industry bodies to identify potential conflict minerals, we have been frustrated with the slowness in obtaining results. however, we are seeing encouraging progress as the results of third-party smelter audits become available to companies in our supply chain.

Q — What do you regard as Nokia’s key goals and challenges in 2011?
A — With our new business strategy, we announced a new path forward focused on growing and expanding our business globally. however, with this new strategy, we also need to rebalance our workforce. While it is our goal to implement our new strategy with as little adverse impact as possible, we will have significant job reductions that will negatively affect people and communities. This will be a difficult year for Nokia, and we are taking responsibility to care for the people we impact by creating an extensive support program.

Q — How do you see our employees’ role in delivering Nokia’s sustainability goals?
A — In the same way that sustainability is embedded in everything we do at Nokia, sustainability should be embedded in everything each one of us does at Nokia, at home and in our communities. On my first day at Nokia, i sent an email to each employee asking them two questions: what should we change at Nokia and what shouldn’t we change at Nokia. i received thousands of responses, and many suggestions for what we should change. but, unquestionably, the number one thing employees believe that we should not change is that Nokia “does good” around the world. deeply engrained, sustainability is a value by which Nokia and our employees live.

Nokia’s sustainability strategy is designed to address areas that are most material and relevant to Nokia’s business and its stakeholders. The report describes seven areas of global challenges where Nokia can play the most significant role as part of a solution. These areas are economic development, employment, climate change and energy use, health, human rights and ethics, education as well as resource use and nature conservation. In the report Nokia outlines its strategy and achievements under each of these impact areas.

“Sustainability is embedded in everything we do at Nokia, from the way we operate to the way we design products to the way we deliver services.  By connecting more than 1.3 billion people around the world using Nokia phones, we also believe leadership calls for responsibility. As a result, sustainability is not a trend for Nokia, but rather it is our way of conducting business, which means encouraging sustainable development, supporting sustainable societies and enabling people to make sustainable choices,” Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO, states in the report.

The full report is available at

Similarly to the previous report, the 2010 report also follows the guidelines of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a network-based organization that has pioneered the development of the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting framework. A third-party GRI Application Level check has confirmed Nokia’s self declaration that the report meets the requirements for GRI’s Application Level A+, the highest level, indicating the wide extent of reporting.

Nokia has published corporate responsibility reports since 2002 and reports about its environmental activities since 1999. Key information about Nokia’s sustainability is also integrated in Nokia’s annual report on Form 20-F published in March 2011.

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